Two Truths and a Lie

Using Truths and Lie Website (Mobiles work fine too)




  • Invite your friend to create an account
  • Create a party (two people per party) with your friend (just add their username to your party)

The rules are:

  • Type three statements in the boxes provided - two being true and one a lie.
  • The text will be reordered automatically after submitting.
  • Wait for your friend to guess the one lie.
  • After they have guessed the answer will be displayed.
  • Then your friend can also submit their truths and lie and let you find the lie.
  • Play as many games as you want!
  • Rules

    • Two Truths and one Lie is mostly played with two people but more make it better!
    • The rules are to give 3 statements. Two of them of which are true and one is a lie.
    • These statements can be in any order as to help confuse your friend or friends.
    • The others who are playing all get to guess your Lie.
    • After their guess you can then reveal your lie.
    • Who can go next is up to you. The person that guessed your one Lie correctly is noramlly second to go.
    • Play as many game rounds as you want!

    Two Truths and One Lie Examples - Good Lies

    Example #1

    Truth : Table tennis is my favorite sport.
    Truth : I put on 20 pounds in 3 months after starting gym then lost 30 in one month after.
    Lie : I prefer to watch football over cricket

    This is a good lie because most people prefer to watch football.

    Example #2

    Truth : I broke my toe in two parts from a simple fall and did not even know.
    Lie : Burger King cookies are the best I ever tasted.
    Truth : My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Arya.

    Example #3

    Lie : I am twice as good at cooking than I am at baking.
    Truth : We once drove down to the sea and into the water so I could see if the car would cut out.
    Truth : I think makeup is overrated and should be banned from certain areas.

    Notice we mixed up the truths and lies in the above examples: lie-truth-truth, truth-lie-truth and truth-truth-lie respective of the last to first example. This helps to complicate guessing for your opponent.

    Some more common Truths

  • I can play a guitar
  • I have a motorcycle license
  • I speak two languages
  • I can't Swim
  • I lived in another country for a year.
  • I never finished my University Degree
  • I met over 3 celebrities
  • I have a very famous family member
  • Some more common Lies

  • I've only been to Disney land once
  • I had my first cell phone at 13
  • Ive driven 25 miles in one day
  • I am the Iron Fist
  • I hacked three websites before
  • I never been drunk
  • I drink 2 gallons of water daily
  • I gained 15 pounds of muscle after restarting gym. In 2 months.
  • Truths and Lie - Strategies

    Look for outrageous truths and then something simple for the lie (Idea 3 or 2)
    Try to keep all statements around the same level in terms of believability.
    Pick a good lie that seems like a lie but can't be the lie because it is too obvious.
    Play with facts a bit switch the names of places for example Burger king might not sell be my favorite cookie but MacDonald does. (Example #1).
    Start with a simple truth then an outrageous truth, then a simple lie so the second truth seems like the lie (Example #1).
    Choose a lie that could be true.
    Mix up these strategies as you play more rounds

    Who plays Truths and Lies Online? Couples, Friends, Family?

    Truths and lie makes a good online text question game for couples.

    Truths and lie can be played between close friends.

    Or with two family members.

    Is a great icebreaker for new friends and relationships!
    caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

    This game is for a fact one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with my wife on an overseas trip.

    Two facts: We actually played and texted for almost an hour the first time. It is also true that I beat her! In the game of course. We still play occasionally.


    To be honest, have never heard of this game. The website does let me know quickly what you are about, that is a big plus. It easy to play and use, another plus. Well laid out, essay to navigate, all in all, a good site.


    Yes, loved loved this game. One of those games that make you think can be tricky, those intellectual types games with a twist according to the category you choose.  I like playing this game on a cool Sunday evening, as it keeps my brain busy while relaxing, I like the fact that you can add some of your own truths and lie also. I say to the makers, add some content, let us have some funn!


    My boyfriend always guessed my false statements accurately. When in reality I wasn't actually lying. So a win for me!


    I got so many wrong the first time playing with my GF. I think she was teasing me. Don't worry as of today I passed her high score!

    easyguyevo Hubpages

    I played two true and lie with a single friend recently. I did not realize we knew so much about each other probably clogged your database with our history. Admittedly Maria's untruths were pretty easy to figure out.


    Great game mate. Fibs and Truths love it because I always win though i only played two times!


    This such an effective icebreaker for new relationships from new friends to new couples. I played this with someone I met yesterday and it was a bonding experience.

    "Bookmark for iOS devices ..."

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