200 Two Truths and a Lie Ideas, Examples & How to Play

I can touch my toes, I can handstand, I haven't washed my hair in two weeks. Can you tell which statement is false? Probably not because you don't know me as yet. The answer is the second statement. Would you have guessed that? Maybe you thought it was the third. Don't worry! We will discuss these strategies and much more below.

Good Examples

Good Examples

Example #1

  1. Table tennis is my favorite sport.
  2. I put on 20 pounds in 3 months after starting gym then lost 30 in one month after.
  3. I prefer to watch football over cricket
#3 is a good Lie because most people prefer to watch football.

Example #2

  1. I broke my toe in two parts from a simple fall and did not even know.
  2. Burger King cookies are the best I ever tasted.
  3. My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Arya.
Statement #2 is the False.

Example #3

  1.  I am twice as good at cooking than I am at baking.
  2. We once drove down to the sea and into the water, so I could see if the car would cut out.
  3. I think makeup is overrated and should be banned from certain areas.
Statement #1 is the False. Notice we mixed up the order of the Two Truths and one Lie statements in the above examples: This helps to complicate guessing for your opponent. Below are some examples surrounding one topic. These are even more difficult for your friend to guess — try them out!

Example #4

  1. I have drifted a truck.
  2. I have drifted a car.
  3. I have drifted a go-kart.
#3 is the False. Note how all the statements are surrounding the same topic

Example #5

  1. I started a YouTube series but it flopped.
  2. I was on TV as a child.
  3. My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Arya.
Statement #2 is the False. Once again note how all statements are related to TV

Example #6

  1. My eyes are my best physical feature.
  2. You can tell what I am feeling from my facial expressions.
  3. I wear makeup to hide my flaws.
Statement #1 is the False. Strategies and planning


You guess it! The game is called Two Truths and a Lie and it makes for an excellent icebreaker. This game can be used in many scenarios ranging from a fun party game for young adults to a kids game or a learning tool employed by teachers in the classroom. Or even at work as an icebreaker. Couples can use the basic and online version of the game, especially over long distance as a fun new twist to communicate.

Statements themselves can range from flirty to funny to dark, it just depends on whom you are playing with.

There is no need to stick to traditional ways to play — feel free to mix it up with “3 truths and 1 lie” or “2 lies and 1 truth” or “Two Truths and a Wish”. Just be sure to state which version of the game you are playing at the beginning.

Rules - How to Play


With every game, there are rules which must be followed to ensure the best experience for all parties. So please adhere to the instruction below, they are quite simple.

  • This game is mostly played by two people but more make it better!
  • The rules are to give 3 statements about yourself. Two of them of which are true and one is false.
  • These statements can be in any order as to help confuse your friend or friends.
  • The others who are playing all have to guess which is False.
  • After their guess, you can then reveal if they were correct.
  • Who may go next is up to you. The person who guessed correctly is normally second to go.
  • Play as many game rounds as you want!

Instructions — Short Version

Before starting or in-between rounds you might want to brainstorm a few statements internally to keep the game going at a good pace.

  • Think of three statements about yourself two of which are true and one is not.
  • Mention your 3 statements to the group or person you are playing with.
  • Give the group or person a chance to guess which of your three statements is false.
  • After everyone has guessed, reveal which statement was false.

This game is a good way to test how well your friends or partner know about your life.

Variations of the game instructions:


Truths and a Wish
  • Think of three statements two of which are True one is a wish.
  • Mention your 3 statements and give the group or person a chance to guess which is your personal Wish.
  • Reveal your Wish.


Two Lies and 1 Truth
  • Think of three statements two of which are Lies and one is True.
  • Your opponent has to guess which is the Truth.
Play Online

Do you know me Game!

This is an online version of the game which you can play with friends. How it works! You have to choose the lie from ten (10) sets of statements. That's it! Just send your friends the link we give you and view their results, and find out who knows you best. No signup needed. Click the image below to get started. Do you know me game
Truths and Lie Ideas

Truths and Lie Ideas

For Groups

  • I sleep naked.
  • I’ve never kissed the opposite sex.
  • I don’t like pineapple on my pizza.
  • I like my eggs raw.
  • I like my steak extra rare.
  • I take 45 minutes to shower.
  • I spend over 50% of my time online on FaceBook.
  • Modern music is crap compared to 2000 -2005 R&B.
  • I have never lost a game of monopoly.
  • UNO ended one of my friendships.
  • I’ve been cheated on.
  • I always sing in the shower.
  • Most soaps I’ve tried itch my skin.
  • Book to movie adaptations are always the best movies.
  • I spend hours a day on YouTube.
  • I have earphones on 50% of the day.
  • I have never been to the ocean.
  • I cannot swim.
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  • I like when my lip is pulled during kissing.
  • I go to the beach to see guys run shirtless.
  • Abs are the most attractive body part to me.
  • I fantasize about you at night.
  • I prefer the lights on.
  • Beards are incredibly sexy to me.
  • I love a little bush.
  • I like my hair pulled.
  • Your smile gives me butterflies.
  • The Bumps in the road from driving turn me on.
  • I like the dad bods.
  • Just wear a suit and tie and I will be attracted to you.
  • I like rough treatment sometimes.
  • I love to role play.
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  • I’ve shit myself on the way to the bathroom.
  • I could not get a piece of poo to flush after 6 attempts.
  • It takes two for me to cook something properly.
  • I have fallen off an ATV.
  • I’ve worn the same thing to both a funeral and wedding.
  • I’ve sharted before.
  • I’ve farted and blamed it on the dog who ran away.
  • I’ve made a table from driftwood.
  • I’ve driven over two animals in one day (by mistake).
  • I daydream.
  • I once call my girlfriend my mother’s name, and she thought it was another girl.
  • I sleepwalk when I am stressed.
  • I often check the beach for gold artifacts.
  • I fell asleep while eating and my head fell into my food.
  • I nap twice almost everyday.
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  • I’ve spilled coffee in the office on my first day.
  • I’ve walked into the wrong building and done a full interview.
  • I’ve poured coffee on the mug when it was upside down.
  • I can't even bear to look at a dirty room.
  • I've gotten shocked from an office outlet which then caught on fire.
  • I always have FaceBook on my previous work computer (I was a social media marketer).
  • I still use Internet Explorer as my default browser.
  • I have never used an Android Phone.
  • I have been to Disneyland alone before.
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For Sports

  • I played football in secondary school.
  • I think the Olympics are foolish.
  • I played lawn tennis at University.
  • I play table tennis professionally.
  • My workplace had table tennis tables we played at lunch.
  • I broke my hand playing netball.
  • I only watch volleyball for the women.
  • I enjoy watching football.
  • I enjoy watching cricket it is so exciting.
  • I would rather watch a sport on TV in person.
  • I have been to a Live WWE match.
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For Teachers

  • I have two children.
  • I once won a pie-eating contest.
  • When I was ten, I hated science.
  • I am terrified of clowns
  • I bungee jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge
  • I once ran 18 miles straight.
  • This is the first class I am teaching.
  • My son also went to this school four years ago.
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Bad Examples - DO NOT do this when playing!

Bad Examples


  1. Do not make your lie your truth or vice versa, this ruins the game for everyone. Stick to what you have decided when originally choosing your statements.
  2. Do not choose a very obvious statement this will make the game too easy for your friend to guess which is true from false.
  3. Also, try not to let your statements include technicalities such as, “I have driven 520 miles during one trip”.

If the statement above is defined as a lie and the truth is: “I have only driven 519 miles during one trip” — statements like those tend to annoy players. Try to make all your statements vastly different to avoid technicalities.

What not to do when playing two truths and a lie

A few more Bad Examples



I ran 20 miles in 6 minutes.I ran 20 miles in 7 minutes
I have owned 3 blackberry phones.I actually owned only 2 blackberry phones.
I took eight flights in one vacation.I actually took nine flights.
I have been to Canada.Technically while on a ship I have gone through Canadian seas.

For example, DO NOT USE Statements like:

  • I have never eaten food before (since everyone has)
  • I do not breathe air (because everyone does)

You get the point! Try to use statements which aren’t so obvious more acceptable statements are:

  • I have traveled to London in the winter
  • I own four shades of brown wallets
  • My mother runs over 3 companies

These types of statements make your opponents think making it harder for them to guess. Try to make the game as challenging as possible for them it adds to the fun! Speaking of strategies there are a few more which can be employed to throw your friends off the right answer.

Thumbs up do this!

Effective Strategies

Effective Strategies

Strategy #1

Use two outrageous statements and then something simple for the lie. This will throw off your opponents greatly and is a common strategy I employ — they remain focused on the two outrageous statement believing one of them HAS to be the lie. Simple and effective I call this the Sniper tactic.

Refer to the example list above (Example 2 and 3).

Strategy #2

Try to keep all statements around the same level in terms of believability. This averages out the probability of your friend guessing correctly. This is not really a strategy but is commonly used nevertheless. I call this one fair play.

Strategy #3

Play with facts slightly switch the names of places, for example, Burger King might not sell my favorite cookie but MacDonald does (Example #1). Be careful with this tactic as it can annoy users (see the what not to do section).

Strategy #4

Pick a good statement that seems like a Lie but can't be because it is too obvious. This one I call “hiding in plain sight” and is used to confuse your friends by making them doubt themselves. Try not to change your tone of voice when saying these statements (this applies to all strategies as well). Especially with this strategy, I've observed we have a tendency to giggle.

Some more general strategies...

  1. Start with a simple truth, then an outrageous statement, then a simple lie so the second statement seems like the lie (Example #1).
    Choose a lie that could be true.
  2. Of course, mix up your strategies as you play more rounds or your friends will figure it out and start to beat you!
Common Statements

Some more common Truths

  • I can play guitar.
  • I have a motorcycle license.
  • I speak two languages.
  • I Can't Swim
  • I lived in another country for a year.
  • I never finished my University Degree
  • I met with over 3 celebrities
  • I have a very famous family member

Some more common Lies

  • I've only been to Disneyland once
  • I had my first cell phone at 13
  • I've driven 25 miles in one day
  • I am the Iron Fist
  • I hacked three websites before
  • I have never been drunk
  • I drink 2 gallons of water daily
  • I gained 15 pounds of muscle after restarting gym. In 2 months.

Do you know me Game!

This is an online version of the Two Truths and a Lie game which you can play with friends.

How it works!
You have to choose the lie from ten (10) sets of statements.
That's it!
Just send your friends the link we give you and view their results, and find out who knows you best. No signup needed.

Click play below to get started.

Do you know me game

Play Online




  • Invite your friend to create an account
  • Create a party (two people per party) with your friend (just add their username to your party)

The rules are:

  1. Type three statements in the boxes provided — two being true and one a false.
  2. The text will be reordered automatically after submitting.
  3. Wait for your friend to guess which statement is false.
  4. After your friend has guessed, the answer will be displayed.
  5. Then your friend can also submit their statements and let you find the culprit!
  6. Play as many games as you want!

Who plays This Game? Couples, Friends, Family?

This game makes a good online texting question game for couples.

Is best played between close friends.

Or with two family members.

Is a great icebreaker for new friends and relationships!

"Bookmark for iOS devices ..."

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

This game is for a fact one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with my wife on an overseas trip.

Two facts: We actually played and texted for almost an hour the first time. It is also true that I beat her! In the game of course. We still play occasionally.


To be honest, have never heard of this game. The website does let me know quickly what you are about, that is a big plus. It easy to play and use another plus. Well laid out, essay to navigate, all in all, a good site.


Yes, loved loved this game. One of those games that make you think can be tricky, those intellectual type games with a twist according to the category you choose.  I like playing this game on a cool Sunday evening, as it keeps my brain busy while relaxing, I like the fact that you can add some of your own statements also. I say to the makers, add some content, let us have some fun!


My boyfriend always guessed my false statements accurately. When in reality I wasn't actually lying. So a win for me!


I got so many wrong the first time playing with my GF. I think she was teasing me. Don't worry as of today I passed her high score!


Great game mate. Fibs and Truths love it because I always win though i only played two times!


This such an effective icebreaker for new relationships from new friends to new couples. I played this with someone I met yesterday and it was a bonding experience.

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